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Krestfield operates in association with Econo Services, Chennai, India, and draws on the wealth of experience, expertise and technologies of Econo Services, to offer appropriate sewage and effluent treatment plant solutions thereby helping solve the local water problems very cost effectively.
Being a local contracting firm, Krestfield is alive to the dire need for a wastewater treatment plant technology that is both cost-efficient and effective.

Krestfield has identified the Advanced Immobilized Cell Reactor Technology, a state-of-the-art treatment technology marketed by Econo Services, as a perfect solution to the local needs in Nigeria. In particular, this technology addresses the following urgent concerns:

Urban effluents, including discharges of untreated waste water overflows from sanitary and storm sewers, and surface water runoff, with adverse effects to human health as well as the health of the ecosystem due to water borne diseases.

Adverse effects on the economy of Africa owing to wasteful expenditure in treating water borne diseases which, if the waste water were treated, could be directed to other development activities.

Loss of productivity resulting from sickness. (In fact, a large proportion of hospital visits in Africa is caused by diseases resulting from water contaminated by human feces and urine in sewers carrying untreated sewage water.)

Environmental degradation from chemical, biological and physical effluents which adversely affects the composition of aquatic species and their habitats leading to decreasing of biodiversity. Impairment of use of recreational water (tourism) and fish harvesting resulting from contamination.

The Advanced Immobilized Cell Reactor technology is a breakthrough technology that offers perceivable benefits, chief among which are:
• Low installation and running costs
• Low space requirement
• Low sludge production
• Re-usability of the treated water
• Scalability

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